Mish Mash

Mish Mash is a photo-genetic project using portrait photography to emphasize the similarities in family genetics. Michelle from Mish Photography combines her Photoshop and photography skills to create a unique family portrait, which transcends generations and explores inherited characteristics.

The results are a fascinating work of art!

Mish Mash_Mother and Daughter

‘When my daughter was a baby, people would ask me if I was her nanny! I was a little miffed at this at first, but realised that she really looked a lot like her dad’s side of the family. As she grew up, her eyes became more blue, in contrast to my brown. My daughter then bleached her hair and I began to find it difficult to see the resemblance between us too! One day, back in 2012, I decided to try to ‘mash’ our faces together. Many years of Photoshop experience paid off! The similarities in our facial structure was amazing! I couldnt see it at all before. But now I realise she is almost a carbon copy of me! I have done many Mish Mash’s since, and the results truly speak for themselves.”

Contact Mish for a photoshoot with someone from your family, and walk away with a very different and creative portrait, and indeed a unique work of art!