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Putting Centenary Village on the Map – Home Is Where The Hall Is!

Centenary Village – A little known pocket of Brisbane, was inundated with flood waters in January 2011. This community has pulled together and rebuilt their lives. This short film captures some of the creative adventures and inspiring enthusiasm that has brought the people in and around this community back together.


Home Is Where The Hall Is – A creative community project putting Centenary Village on the map!

Donna Toussaint has been working with the Darra Community to put this little know oasis in Brisbane.. on the map! Centenary Village was flooded in January 2011, the community hall was inundated with flood waters. This community of 450 residents have been working together to rebuild and reconnect with their neighbours. The ‘PicKnit’ event, held on Saturday 26 May, 2013, was one of several community inspired creative events, which brought people out of their homes and into the community. Reconnecting through fun days, and creative arts.

I am currently working on a short film for this inspiring project, and look forward to its screening in the Darra Community Hall at the end of June!

I really do love be involved in community events… and have made some lovely friends in the process! Click here to visit Toussaint Trading on Facebook.